Petroleum Testing

We can carry out many of the tests required in the petroleum industry from production through to final quality sampling.

  • Crude Oil Characterisation
  • Flash Point of Petroleum Products
  • Pour Point of Petroleum Products
  • API Gravity of Crude Petroleum
  • Vapour Pressure of Petroleum Products
  • Kinematic Viscosity of Petroleum
  • Transparent and Opaque Liquids

Characterisation, FP, SG, BS&W etc.

Get accurate result

Carbonate, TPH, PSA, OM,CE etc.

Soil Testing

We can carry out soil testing including the ability to undertake on-site testing for some tests.

Some of the tests we can undertake include:
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon
  • Carbonate Test
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Organic Matter
  • Lime Requirement of Acid Soils
  • Cation Exchange
  • Determinations
  • Micronutrients

Expert Staff

All our permanent staff are graduates either from local Universities or overseas with a minimum of five years' experience post qualification. Apart from the permanent staff, we have consultants in the Universities who are invited to participate in major, multi-disciplinary studies such as EIA and Field/Reservior Studies.

Unique Services for Unique Customers

Our Lab is unique because we do the unusual analytical projects that routine labs will not tackle. We discuss thoroughly with our clients the goals and objectives of studies after which we design the appropriate sampling strategies that will help realise those objectives. We keep abreast of regulatory compliance requirements, QA/QC, sampling methods and data interpretation in order to produce sound reports